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A place to come home

Culture, Spirit, Healing

Originally inspired by the sweat lodge situated between two eagles’ nests on the White Earth Reservation, Migiziwaadiswan chose the representation of the eagle’s nest as a reminder to be the cultural home for Anishinabe culture and traditions.

Ojibwe values center on the Earth, harmonious living, and the Seven Grandfather Teachings – Honesty, Truth, Humility, Love, Wisdom, and Respect.  The mission at Migiziwaadiswan is to create awareness of Native traditions and provide an inspirational place for Natives and Non-Natives alike to experience the power of celebration, ceremony, spiritual cleansing, and healing.

The Eagle’s Nest

Native Americans consider the bald eagle the Master of the Skies.  Eagles are sacred because they are seen to be the closest to the Creator.

Soaring at great heights, the eagle was believed to have the ability to travel between the physical and spiritual worlds.  In addition to this association to the divine, the eagle also symbolizes power, courage, wisdom, and strength.


The Turtle represents Grandmother Earth.  She is the center of life and carries the teachings of Anishinabe people on her back.  She provides safety and protection.  She also represents truth and reminds us to be truthful in what we do and who we are.


The Ojibwe florals are a celebration of the beauty of the natural woodlands.  They are also symbolic of the medicine the earth provides and the ability to to be healed by nature.

The Seven Grandfather Teachings

The Seven Grandfather Teaching have been passed down for generations since the begining of time as a way to teach humanity how to live the Good Way of Life.  As one cannot have wisdom without humility or love without truth, each principle must be followed in harmony with the other.  Living in accordance with all seven teachings will bring inner peace and lead you into balance with all life.

Love – Zaagi’idiwin
Respect – Minaadendamowin
Wisdom – Nibwaakaawin
Courage – Aakode’ewin
Humility – Dabaadendiziwin
Truth – Debwewin
Honesty – Gwayakwaadiziwin

Our Lives through Our Voice

For too many years, Native voices have been silenced.  Who we are and the history of our people was told through other voices.  Our story was written by people who have not lived our ways and did not know us.  We are often a story of healing and perserverance because of what was done to us, but Migiziwaadiswan is so much more than just this story.

Migiziwaadiswan can be healing, but it is also celebration.  It is finding peace and inner joy.  It is learing harmony and finding balance.  Migiziwaadiswan is coming home.

We welcome all to come here.  Everyone is invited to visit and engage with teachings from Native leaders.  No matter your beliefs, race, religion, or culture, there is something for you to experience and enjoy.

You will leave with the ability to express your own spiritual being and a newfound sense of appreciation for sacred traditions and Native cultural values.  If there is any place to connect with nature and to get reaquainted with the foundational things in life, it’s here.